Its officially December, 25 Days till Christmas, if you’re like me you haven’t bought anything, then this might help you out, shopping from the comfort of your phone, tablet or PC/Mac is the dream and convenient for many people with a busy life.

So This post will focus on Amazon Launchpad as it has many unique and new ideas, and it Amazon as a whole provides great delivery service ensuring you will get your gift on time!

Let’s begin, as that’s why you are here!

Eco Range Apple Bird Feeder 

amazon launchpad - 8122UE1QoNL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

There is nothing like the sound of chirping birds, or watching wildlife.

If your an avid animal lover then this might just be for you, no longer do you need to waste every little thing. You can give it to the birds if they eat it, This simple little thing can help the bird ecosystem and reduce waste!


Easy noVice Labyrinth (INSIDE3) 

amazon launchpad - 41KP5oDIWkL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

Remeber the times before PCs? well, this is what it would be, this game here, when your on a road trip and you have no power left in your devices your going to wish you had this, or your going to wish you had bought an external battery, but you definitely want this, the game is simple, get the ball from a-to-b and that is that! but the best thing is it doesn’t require power or an internet connection [amazin]

There are also 2 other ones if this one is too easy, but since most of us have spent so much time on a computer or mobile, we might be stuck on the easiest one.


Le Sac MOSO 50 GR

amazon launchpad - 91QINplqjKL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

More of a stocking filler but a great thing for any home, this little thing purifies the air and removes odors, so keeping this is a wardrobe, draws or a box with items in will help keep it fresh, it can even be using in the fridge to stop it smelling, and for under £10 its amazing to have.


Wall Moon Light

amazon launchpad - 51VDHn-HbYL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

As someone who is fascinated with Space, Sci-Fi and anything otherworldly this is so cool, I’m a full grown adult [kinda] and I love this idea! this is a night light like no other, its the MOON!?! not life-sized but would make a great present for the kid in your family and an even better one for the space enthusiast kid!


Coffee Logs

amazon launchpad - 41k1xVTzZjL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

If you love open fires and coffee then this is literally for you, Coffee Logs?!? that is just crazy! these are recycled from, well coffee and compressed, there’s nothing I can add to this, Coffee Logs, Amazing!


Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition

amazon launchpad - 81C1AdvQrvL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

I actually own these very cards, there amazing, if you love card games then this is for you, please beware this is the Explicit Adults only edition, there are other packs but this is just pure fun! there is even a mobile game of this for Android [Maybe iOS as well], Heck, play it with the family, tell them you want to play exploding kittens, but, just don’t look like a psycho while saying it, might not go down well over Christmas!


Nanoleaf – Aurora Smarter Kit

amazon launchpad - 71xb8nzRaHL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

OMG, I’ve been dying to get these, if you love modern or different then this is it, these are wall lights that tile so you can have as many as you like connected, they can be controlled by a smartphone and really are a nice piece of eye candy and will help make the room they are put in so much better! There a bit pricey but would be so worth it, these are on my wishlist!

p.s here is the expansion pack should you wish for more!


Geodesic Dome Kit 

amazon launchpad - A1Ec3z-LSBL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

This is intriguing, well, from the pictures on the box, this is a DIY dome,  that can be used for either a Fruit Cage, Arbour, Trellis, Childrens Den or Aviary, it’s not for the faint-hearted as it does contain a lot of peace’s, but the whole idea is just great, especially if you have a garden, using this as a Trellis would be amazing especially when everything has grown around it!


Cocoon – AIO Home Security System

amazon launchpad - 518TomJwoZL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

I saw this awhile back; this is an All-In-One home security system, great if you are going to holiday or security conscious, simple to setup and use, and you can monitor your home from anywhere without the need for a full security system setup, simply connect to your wifi, register and download the app to your smartphone and you are more aware of what is going on in the house while you are away.

It has a built-in motion detection and will alert your phone, along with night vision so you can see whats going on when they cant.


Nanoleaf – Ivy Smarter Kit

amazon launchpad - 71LmVjlPFEL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

I cannot get enough of this design, I love it so much, there is just something about this that is so amazing, and the best part about this is that everytime you have it on you are saving money, there LED bulbs, so its power efficient and will last for years and years! not only that this doesn’t even need covering up, they look gorgeous!


Lavolio Nutty Forest Confectionery

amazon launchpad - 7190-ziHIcL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

I’m pretty sure these are edible, they actually look like stones, but, well, they’re not, there actually a selection of Chocolates and nuts, and they look amazing! definitely going to be buying so of these as a gift!


360LiveCame – Tamaggo

amazon launchpad - 61kxZpzhTVL - Unique Gifts for Christmas | Amazon Launchpad

This one is a first for me, A 360-degree camera, you can stream to social media [Facebook] or record videos that can be used in VR, I really like the idea, and this is, according to the company, a Professional Grade Camera, definitely great for that person who is always streaming to Facebook, or even plays games and streams online! not sure how that would work though!


All of these are just amazing, but there is more if you head over to Amazon Launchpad (here), These are just 12 of what I really liked but I know for sure ill be buying a couple of these items as presents, it would most likely be the Lavolio Nutty Forest Confectionery and I really want the Nanoleaf Bulbs as they look amazing!

Have you guys seen something really cool and unique? let me know!



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